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Udaipur Wedding Photographer

A professional photographer with two years of experience, my favoured approach is the photo reportage, and my aim to offer a complete memory of your BIG day. Through my images, I want to tell you a story and to make sure to include the very best moments of this very important day. I aim to capture life, not simply to make posed pictures. My wedding services are conducted with spontaneity and discretion, with a view on presenting unplanned and lively pictures as a result. I love to travel all over France, and further away when needed. I would be delighted to be on your side for you wedding day in Udaipur. While you will be enjoying your day with your friends and guests, I will discretely be capturing all these little happy moments which make your wedding day such a memorable experience! If you are searching for a wedding photographer in Udaipur who makes creative photo-reportage, full of emotions and tenderness, you are probably at the good place!

Equipment and skill are both secondary when it comes to photography. The key point of your wedding, as far as I am concerned, will be to make spontaneous and out-of-the-ordinary creative shots that will mark the occasion. A photo-reportage is always based on unexpected events and situations. Every wedding day is different and this is why my pictures have to be unique. It is always a great delight to discover new faces and new spots. I will gladly discover all the wonderful places around Udaipur with you.

I always take time to meet the futures spouses to get to know them and get a feel of what they really expect on their big day. I want to make a reportage which looks like you. Knowing what your specific wishes are is key to my work. Everything is important. Light, emotions and spontaneity are the keywords of my photo-reportage.

Based in Lyon, in France, I would love to realise all your ideas: cuddling sessions, engagement, elopement photography, etc. I want my images to be tailored to your own universe. If you want to go on the top of a mountain, on a cliff, on the beach, make sure to take me in your suitcase! As a professional photographer, I can guide you and make sure to keep a positive vibe at all times. I would be thrilled to go to Udaipur for your wedding!

Should you wish to contact me, please make sure to use the contact button below. I will happily read your story and answer all your questions as soon as possible. Thank you for taking the time to visit my website.

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