So, you are getting married ?

Congratulations ! If you are here, you are certainly searching for a wedding photographer ? I hope that i'm the good one ! :) 
Let me introduce : Léa, 26 years old, curious, food lover, tea consumer, animal addict, little bit nerd. I'm a french photographer, with an aweful accent, but with a really big smile and such a impressive motivation. I'm in love with my job, happy to meet new people, to discover new places. This website is here to show you all the little things I love in portraits photography : 
Emotion ; from smile to tears. Light ; you are shinning ! Don't doubt about it ! Happiness : you can't hide it from me !

I still see the world through the eyes of a child. It's the way i do for my wedding pictures.

Want to see ? here it comes !


Please, tell me more about you and your wedding project ! :)

I'm in love with details, tell me more !