Pictures : Gerald Mattel ; Frederic Lopez, Léa Fery

Pictures : Gerald Mattel ; Frederic Lopez, Léa Fery


Photography is a meeting about trust and intimacy

For a wedding or a moment of your life, the most important point is our meeting, your wishes and your feelings.   
My goal is to retranscribe who you are and make images which look just like you. You are a face, a history I love to discover. Your smile feed mine.

My dream wedding will stand on a breton beach or on a normand cliff. Hairs in the wind, smile on the lips, clouds, a few trees given shadows for a beautiful elopement, and so much happiness to  memorise. I also love all your beautiful ideas, which are give me new dreams to realise : yours !

This website is here to show you all the little things I love in portraits photography : Emotion ; from smile to tears. Light ; you are shinning ! Don't doubt about it ! Happiness : you can't hide it from me ! I invite you on the Blog to go in search of this real stories and all this little moments I shared with families and couples.

In the real life, I am a curious girl, gourmand, who love to jump into puddles, drink some tea and roar with laughter !

From all of my 26 years of age, I still see the world through the eyes of a child. Who am I ? In a few words : Tea, plants, videogames, fun ! Full of creativity, I hope to be the one you are searching for you little and big moments to immortalize !



My wedding destination wishlist : Scotland, Italy, Spain, New Zelande ! You are going to be married in one of this country ? Come and tell me more about this project, I will be happy to come with you !